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Your own AI

Janu is constantly checking out what’s happening in your area: what the weather‘s like, what events are lined up and what others are up to. What friends are doing and where you can join. With just one click you’re UP TO DATE and you’ll have the perfect plan. But what does perfect mean for you?

Teach Janu yes or no

You teach Janu – Janu motivates you

There are things in life that we all want! But your perfect day depends on who YOU ​​are and what YOU like to do. With friends, family and new people! You’d like to get to know your dream partner, or you’d like to make your happy relationship even happier? You want to do more sport, to be fitter than ever or boost your career? You love eating Italian or enjoy cooking? No need to be shy. Janu wants to know all about it.

PUSH THE BUTTON!!! This is how you teach Janu what you like most. What’s on your bucket list? Janu helps you find the motivation to pursue your passions … and discover new ones along the way!
PS: Even groups with “soon to be”-friends can be formed this way, as long as the other person shares your interest.

Let Janu know what’s not so cool! Maybe it’s the weather, the date, or the “interesting” people. You don’t have to put up with that $#!%. You deserve better! Of course, not everyone is in the mood for anything or everyone, we understand, we are all only mere mortals. Teach Janu what you’re not that into. This won’t stop us from showing you the diversity of life. We Promise!
PS: If you think your friends are getting the “better deal”, you can revise your interests through the app settings.

Teach Janu people

1000 friends

Whether you like it or not! Regardless of whether you already have 1000 friends or only… 2 – there will be more! More time in real life means both (1) Good times with old friends; and (2) New experiences with new people who will probably be hanging around for a long time.

You’ll meet new people through your mutual friends. Janus’ DNA has been coded to unlock existing circles of friends. Go to the Cinema with a group of 4 instead of 2. Or a soccer-training group can consist of up to12 people, if everyone brings a friend.

What about joining an exciting group of complete strangers for a new adventure? If you’re new to the city, you can join an already existing group. Locals can join together with a partner, a friend or sibling. As a general rule, everyone is welcome.

The groups, which you start, are great opportunities to not only share your hobbies and passions, but also to get to know a bunch of exciting, like-minded people. The more people you get to know, the better your chances are of meeting those who are bound to stick around.

99 problems and matching won’t be one of them! Janu strives to connect singles in everyday life, through common groups and interests. Did that just blow your mind? No more embarrassing “blind” dates? How about rather coincidentally meeting “the ONE” through your common hobbies or activities? Yip, you’ve come to the right place.