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42 minutes. That’s the daily average time a user spends on Facebook. Another 21 minutes on Instagram, another 25 minutes on Snapchat. Altogether we spend almost two hours with timelines, followers, shares and likes. The distraction through our smartphones brings entertainment, but unfortunately at the cost of real experiences and friendships. The distractions and harmful secondary effects of Social Media, include the enabling of addictions, depression, hate, undermining social relationships, manipulation of children and mental illnesses, to name just a few. The cheque for it comes later in life, when we realize, that real life has passed us by. Learn more about this burning topic at Humane Technology. Get in disscusions about it, to raise awareness in society.

Singularity for humanity

How Janu is changing this

For us, the solution is not to complain, but to provide the counter offer! It has to become easier to meet up in real life! That’s why the two brothers Stefan & Sebastian Wimmer created the Startup Janu. As a counter trend to bring social interactions back to real life. To create happy, truly fulfilling lives – with meaningfull relationships.

Janu is a Social Chat App that connects people in real life: To ‘share’ real moments. Together with old and new friends. Lauging, dancing, crying, loving together… LIVING together!


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