Singularity for humanity

Meaningfull relationships, for a happy and fulfilling life

Why we need Janu?

The counter offer to the digital attention crisis. Janu is using technology, to empower meaningful relationships.

The distractions and harmful secondary effects of Social Media, include the enabling of addictions, depression, hate, undermining social relationships, manipulation of children and mental illnesses, to name just a few.

As counterpart, Janu can show people that technology can work FOR them: to create happy, social and truly fullfilling lives.

It is too imortant, not to try!

From the endless supply of possible events, activities, friendships and connections, Janu can predict and create the users perfect ‘time well spent’.
The perfect combinations of Time, People and Activities! Sports, events, theater, restaurants nearby… Together with the perfect group of friends, new inspiring people, as well as with your partner, family or on a date.

Therefore, Janu does not earn with the time spent online, but when you live out your hobbies and passions. Try it out yourself!

It is easy and intuitiv


JANU thinks for you and your friends with whom you should meet and what you should do, so you only have to say yes or no.


Nobody has to invite oneself. Say anonymously whom you would like to meet.


You can use Groupchats or intuitive Group-to-Group-Chats for making plans.


  • Free of charge and advertising
  • Find activities and events nearby
  • Making plans together
  • Say anonymously what groups and activities you like
  • Match with others if they like you too
  • Add friends and new interesting people
  • Chats, Groupchats and Group-to-Group-Chats
  • News, Updates und Foto-Sharing


Stefan Wimmer, CEO
Stefan Wimmer

Co-Founder, CEO

The visionary leader with great design skills, including business & legal education

Sebastian Wimmer, CTO
Sebastian Wimmer

Co-Founder, CTO

The technological mastermind with impressive coding skills, including finance & business education.